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Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination


Situations intends to address the current malaise of the radical imagination in both left theory and in popular consciousness. We aim to explore the social conditions and lived experiences that lead to this malaise and to support explanations which do not reduce political phenomena to a reflection.
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LL Journal

LL es una revista electrónica cuyo cometido es promover y difundir la investigación en materias relacionadas con los ámbitos hispánico y luso-brasileño. Nuestra revista pretende ser un foro de reflexión multidisciplinar donde se den a conocer aportaciones relevantes y de calidad en cada campo de estudio.
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Virtual Poetry Project

The Virtual Poetry Project is an online journal that showcases the ways contemporary poetry overcomes the limitations of the written text. As Brazilian poet Haroldo de Campos has pointed out, changes in technology and media have affected poetic expression throughout history. His own practice as a concretista poet emphasized the visual, plastic aspect of the written word. Today, with the appearance of several forms of digital art, poetry has been taken to new expressive dimensions that transform a “reader” into a viewer and listener as well. Technology offers new possibilities for poetic expression to become a more performative and engaging aesthetic artifact. The Virtual Poetry Project will connect artists and scholars around the world through web 2.0 technologies, building a web of resources and a network of people interested in these new forms of experimental poetry. The VPP is also a demonstration of what can be accomplished using open source tools. The multimedia framework used for the development of this project is provided by the UbuntuStudio Linux distro. The journal uses the Open Journal System, and is hosted in a Linux server located at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. The use of F/OSS software and open formats allows us to comply with the Recommendations for Long-Lasting Electronic Literature.
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Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary


Glossator publishes original commentaries, editions and translations of commentaries, and essays and articles relating to the theory and history of commentary, glossing, and marginalia (catena, commentum, gemara, glossa, hypomnema, midrash, peser, pingdian, scholia, tafsir, talkhis, tika, vritti, zend, zhangju, et al).
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